Bacon Wrapped Smoked Pork Tenderloin Sliders with Grilled Pineapple & Red Onions

At a recent class featuring Stan Hays from County Line Smokers, Operation BBQ Relief and The Food Network’s 2015 Chopped Grill Masters, we focused the entire class on Tailgating. This bacon wrapped smoked tenderloin used to make sliders was a delicious hit. Simple and easy enough to make on site at a tailgate party. Super flavors combining sweet, spicy and porkalicious!




Pork tenderloins


Sliced pineapples

Smoke On Wheels Pork Marinade & Injection

Tim & Todd’s Excellent BBQ Sauce

Grilled red onions glazed with Tim & Todd’s

Oakridge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork Rub

Slider Pretzel Rolls



Marinate pork tenderloins and sliced red onions in Smoke On Wheels Pork Marinade overnight. Remove tenderloins from marinade and dust generously with Oakridge BBQ Competition Beef & Pork Rub.

After the tenderloins have been dusted, wrap them each with a slice of bacon and dust the bacon lightly with the Oakridge BBQ seasoning.

Dust the pineapple slices with the Oakridge BBQ Competition BBQ seasoning.

Set The Big Green Egg for indirect cooking using the ConvEGGtor(plate setter) at 275 degrees and place the tenderloins in the center of the grill. Turn after 20 minutes and cook through until the internal temperature of the tenderloins is at 140 degrees.

Grill the pineapple slices and baste each side with Tim & Todd’s Sauce. Grill the red onions in the grill wok basket.

*The bacon can be crisped up if needed by finishing over high, direct heat. This recipe was developed and used in competition about 25 years ago when pork tenderloins were legal to use in Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned events.

Let the tenderloins rest for 15 minutes and slice into medallions. Assemble into sliders using the Pretzel bread slider rolls.




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