Gremlin Grill Ivory BBQ Baked Beans

I’ve spent a lot of time searching the web for a good “Ivory” BBQ Baked Bean recipe. Closest I came was from Martha Stewart, not the “go-to” chef for BBQ recipes! So, after tasting a couple of the top white BBQ sauces in the country, including Big Bob Gibson’s, I decided to make my own recipe using iQ Ivory sauce! iQ is far and away the BEST white sauce I’ve tasted and has a smooth and creamy mayo base with a great BBQ “bite” to it. So, in honor of the iQ creators, Shannon Kimball of FireBug BBQ and Ron Rupp of iQ in Chicago, here’s your recipe for Gremlin Grill Ivory Baked Beans.

BUY rQ here:

Yeah… Here’s what they look like done!

white beans 5

I used a half-foil pan because we’re always looking for something we can fix on the smoker for Friday night at contest! Here’s what you’ll need:

2   15 oz. cans of Great Northern Beans (drained but not rinsed)

1/2 cup Belgian White Beer (I cheated and used St. Pauli Girl because you never forget your 1st girl!)

1 cup of grilled chicken thighs cubed- Competition style Baby!

1/4 cup washed raw sugar

Salt & Pepper to taste

1 tsp Cumin

2 tbs butter

1 medium sweet onion (chopped and sauteed in the butter & bacon fat)

1/4 cup bacon fat

1/2 cup bacon (chopped)

1 cup diced, grilled potatoes (Par-boil yukon golds, then grill them hot and quick!)

1 Sprinkling of your favorite BBQ rub (I prefer Fast Eddy’s!)

Heat up everything except beans, taters, and bacon in a sauce pan. It will looks like this:

white beans 3

After you grill and chop the potatoes, add them to the beans with the rQ Ivory BBQ sauce.

white beans 2

Let the sauce pan mixture with the grilled chicken cool, and then fold it into the beans.

Sprinkle the top of the beans with the bacon and a light dusting of Fast Eddy’s seasoning! Pop that puppy into your smoker at high heat(300) and give it some BBQ love. Three hours later and you’ll have Gremlin Grill Ivory BBQ Baked Beans!!! I used two big red oak sticks and smoked the beans for about about three hours at 275 degrees. An extra hour will cook the beans down a bit more if you like baked beans “broken” down a bit more.

white beans 4

I highly recommend them!


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