KettlePizza Oven Kit for Kettle Style Grills

The Kettle Pizza oven kit Saturday Cook was a huge success. Ever since the fine people at KettlePizza sent us a unit to demo, we’ve been excited to give it a whirl and cook up some tasty pizza on the old reliable Weber. And, I mean “Old”. The Weber we used to cook our pizza on is literally over 20 years old and still as beautiful as ever!


The new design on the KettlePizza extension is easily adjustable for either the 22.5” or 18.5” Weber kettles.  Out of the box you just attach the wooden handles and secure the bolts in the drilled holes for the size you’re cooking on. And that easily, you’re ready to start your pizza party!


Once we had a nice full chimney of charcoal started, we poured the charcoal to the back of the kettle exactly opposite from the KettlePizza opening. The first pizza ended up charred on the bottom and not quite cooked enough on top. For best results, we opened the bottom air intakes on the kettle and here is the secret… close the top all the way. The idea is that the charcoal in the very back is sending heat up into the lid and over the pizza. If the top vent is open, you’ll end up losing heat out of the vent. After making that slight adjustment, the next seven pizzas were perfectly delicious. The thermometer that comes with the KettlePizza has readings up above 500+ which is where it says you are in perfect pizza range. Unfortunately for us, the outdoor temperature was in the mid 40’s all day and I cooked at 450 degrees. It actually worked out just fine.


All in all, for around $200, this KettlePizza kit includes a heavy duty pizza stone, pizza peel, thermometer, and two handy dandy tools to grab and turn your pizza. We thought it worked wonderfully and we’ll be putting them in our store and on the website ASAP.


If you love your Weber and want to turn it into a pizza oven, this is definitely worth the investment!


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